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Automotive Car Brake Repair Service & Brakes Colorado Springs

Automotive Brake Repair Service & Car Brakes in Colorado Springs

Automotive Brake Repair Service & Car Brakes in Colorado Springs

Trans Tech Auto & Truck provides a wide range of repair services for both import and domestic automotive brake systems. Every auto technician at our Colorado Springs facility knows it is important that you understand how the brake system in your car or truck plays a vital role in keeping you and your passengers safe. The components in the automotive brake system are not designed to last for the life of your vehicle and wear down over time as you drive in and around the streets of Colorado Springs. The pads (aka shoes) are the most common brake replacement service we do at our Colorado Springs shop. This is because every time you depress your pedal the brake pad material wears down against the brake rotor. If the brake pads are allowed to wear down for too long the underlying metal surface of the pads will contact your brakes’ metal rotors (aka drums). This situation will not only result in an unsafe situation but will require additional service and increase your brake repair cost.

Our auto technicians stress to our customers that knowing when to have the brake system in your car or truck serviced at our Colorado Springs automotive repair facility is important to keeping your brake repair cost to a minimum. Simply being aware of the warning signs of potential brake failure can save you money on costly expenses for your car or truck. Your senses of hearing, touch, and sight can be of a substantial assistance to you. Some common indications of brake problems may include the appearance of the brake warning light in your dashboard, brake fluid that is either low or dirty, grinding noises, a “spongy” feeling when depressing your brake pad.

The technicians at our Colorado Springs auto facility are trained and certified to service all types of front and rear brake systems. One of our trained car technicians will provide you with a thorough brake inspection at our Colorado Springs service center to make certain both your front and rear brakes are working properly. Additionally, we can provide you with a brake problem diagnosis that will give you service options and a brake repair cost estimate. Our technicians specialize in everything from brake rotor servicing to brake cylinder and pad replacement, as well problems with Anti-Lock Brake Systems. Suggested manufacturer vehicle maintenance such as a brake fluid flush to remove air and moisture from your brake lines and brake fluid replacement can also be taken care of by our trained team of automotive brake professionals when you bring your car or truck to our Colorado Springs auto repair facility.

Automotive Car Brake Repair Service & Brakes Colorado Springs

Our Brakes Services include the following:

  • ABS Brake Repair
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Brake Adjustment
  • Brake Replacement
  • Brake Rotors and Drums
  • Brake Inspection
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Brake Lines
  • Brake Maintenance
  • Brake Pads and Shoes
  • Disc Brake Repair
  • Front and Rear Brakes
  • High Performance Brake repair and replacement
  • Parking or Emergency Brakes

Brakes FAQ

What does it cost to replace brake rotors?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck usually tells our customers in the Colorado Springs area that the cost to replace brake rotors can range from between $150 to $250 dollars per rotor replacement.

What are common signs of brake wear?
There are several noticeable signs that the brakes in a vehicle may be showing signs of wearing.

  • One of the most obvious signs of brake wear is a brake pedal with a spongy or low feeling. This usually indicates that air is present in the hydraulic system.
  • There may be an imbalance in the brake system when the red brake-warning light appears.
  • The presence of an amber brake-warning light is usually related to a problem with the ABS system.
  • Brake pad or shoe replacement is usually required when a continuous squealing or grinding sound is heard.

What is the cost to fix or replace brakes?
When asked by our auto repair shop’s customers in the greater Colorado Springs area how much it will cost to fix or replace their brakes our brake specialists tell them the cost will vary depending on what needs to be done to ensure they are back on the roads of greater Colorado Springs safely. Trans Tech Auto & Truck advises anyone in the Colorado Springs area that may be hearing brake noises, including squeaking, screeching, or grinding that they should immediately come to Trans Tech Auto & Truck and let us do a brake inspection on their vehicle. A brake repair can involve any one of several different things, including worn out brake pads, calipers or drums may be a problem, as may the master cylinder, individual wheel cylinders, or a lack of brake fluid. When considering the cost of a total brake repair in Colorado Springs, including cylinders, pads, drums, rotors, and calipers, the cost of a brake repair can run around $750 if not more.

How often should I have my brakes inspected?
Having effective stopping power is an ongoing need. And early detection is the key to maintaining your brakes’ performance. With that in mind, we recommend that you have your brakes inspected on a yearly basis (at the very least), and certainly at the first signs of a brake problem.

With the know–how and experience of a Trans Tech Transmission and Auto expert brake technician, a brake check up gives you the best chance to spot the more routine repairs that can help protect you from dealing with more costly repairs. Noticing any warning symptoms of break repair? If so, you may need a more immediate inspection. Don’t delay.

Inside your vehicle’s owner’s manual, they usually list specific brake inspection intervals. Always check there first to gauge your vehicle’s brake needs.