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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Clutch Repair

Automotive Clutch Repair in Colorado Springs

Automotive Clutch Repair in Colorado Springs

Trans Tech Auto & Truck offers complete truck and auto clutch repair and service at our Colorado Springs Colorado transmission and repair shop. Trans Tech Auto & Truck recommends that the operating linkage of your clutch should be checked periodically at our Colorado Springs shop to help you avoid early failure and keep your auto or truck in top performing condition.

Our Clutches services include the following:

  • Drive Shaft and U-Joints
  • Clutch Kit Installation
  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder

Clutch FAQ

How do I know I need a new clutch?
Changing the clutch in your car or truck is not dependent upon any specific time period or mileage level. Rather the clutch only need be changed when a malfunction is noticed. Vehicles that are mostly driven in and around the streets of Colorado Springs that are subject to frequent starts and stops, as compared to those driven around the roads of the greater El Paso area, are more prone to needing a clutch repair.

  • The team at Trans Tech Auto & Truck tells our customers that one of the first indications of disc in a clutch wearing thin is a scratching sound heard when shifting gears. When this occurs it indicates that the disc did not complete its intended function of transferring power from the vehicle’s engine to the transmsision.
  • An obvious signal that a clutch is in need of replacment is when attempting to overtake another vehicle or going up a steep incline, the engine’s revolutions go up without any increase in speed.
  • Another time to consider having your clutch replaced is when a lack of smoothness is noticed, or it is challenging shifting gears regardless of traveling at the correct speed.
  • Physically speaking, another sign the clutch in your car or truck is beginning to wear out and need replacement is with a shortened distance of the clutch pedeal for proper disengagement.
  • Trans Tech Auto & Truck can perform an inspection to determine the amount of wear and tear on the clutch. It should be noted though that even an inspection itself can contribute to shortening the life of a vehicle’s clutch and as such clutch inspections should not be done on a frequent basis. When one of the technicians at Trans Tech Auto & Truck performs the inspection, the engine will be running and vehicle’s hand break will be engaged. Then, as acceleration is applied the clutch pedal will be raised while remaining in 3rd gear. The more time required to make the vehicle stall will indicate how much the clutch is worn out.

How long does a clutch last?
Clutches are no different than most other parts in your vehicle in that they wear out. Quite often it is not unusual for Trans Tech Auto & Truck to have to replace a clutch prior to the end of its lifespan. This is simply because clutches encounter a certain amount of wear and tear during normal driving circumstances. It is important to understand that determining how long a clutch will last is similar to solving a complicated equation with numerous variables. Some clutches can last well beyond 100,000 miles while other clutches will wear out in under 30,000 miles. The longevity of a clutch can be dependent on how carefully the clutch is used during driving. Other factors affecting how long a cluch will last can include how hot of a climate the car is driven in as well as the type of vehicle the clutch is in. In hot climates the transmission fluid will typically run hotter and as a result can burn out parts more quickly. To get the most life out of your clutch and avoid a clutch replacement Trans Tech Auto & Truck suggests not using the clutch when not needed. When stopped at a traffic light for example it is best not to use the clutch to make the vehicle stand still. Rather take the car out of gear and use the brake pedal to let the transmission rest in neutral. This provides the clutch with the chance to rest instead of keeping pressure on it. Even more important than the previous suggestion, Trans Tech Auto & Truck suggests not using the clutch pedal as a means to control the vehicle’s speed.

How do clutches work?
Clutches in vehicles are used to engage the flywheel. When engaged, the flywheel enables the transmission to be shifted from one gear to another.

What is a clutch?
The clutch plays an important role in the operation of a vehicle in that it serves to connect the engine to the transmission. The clutch pedal is used to activate the clutch.

Are special tools needed to install clutch kit?
Yes. And Trans Tech Auto & Truck provides a clutch kit installation service for foreign, domestic, and hybrid cars and trucks at our Colorado Springs CO shop. Our staff of trained car mechanics have the experience and proper tools to return your clutch to top performance shape and make certain each and every shift of your vehicle is a smooth one.

What is a good shop in the Colorado Springs area to have a clutch kits installed?
Our auto repair shop in Colorado Springs is one of your best places to have your clutch kit installation done. Stop by, call us at (719) 630 7476. We’ll take care of you. We specialize in clutch kit installation on the following models; Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Acura, Infiniti, and all domestic vehicles.

Can anyone help me bleed a clutch slave cylinder?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck has a wide range of services for your clutch slave cylinder at our auto repair shop in Colorado Springs. A master and clutch slave cylinder have an important part in the performance of your vehicle, so when replacing one, that replacement needs to be done quickly by one of our trained auto mechanics.

How to bleed clutch? How do I bleed the slave cylinder?
Your clutch master cylinder contains a reservoir with brake fluid. It is connected to your clutch slave cylinder through hoses. When you push the clutch pedal, brake fluid flows from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder, applying the pressure necessary to move (engage) the clutch and this in turn changes the gears on your manual transmission. Our trained car mechanics do this work every week and have the experience to adjust or fix your clutch slave cylinder quickly and at a minimum of cost!

Is my clutch master or slave cylinder failing?
If you feel a change in how the clutch pedal feels when stepping on it, or if your clutch pedal stays down, or if you find leaked brake fluid inside your car, you should have one of our trained Colorado Springs auto repair shop mechanics inspect the clutch master cylinder and replace it if needed. If air pockets are present in the fluid or hydraulic system, your vehicle’s brake or clutch pedal will feel spongy and may need to be inspected by a Trans Tech Auto & Truck.

Does slave master cylinder have anything to do with clutch pedal on floor?
Performing routine maintenance processes can help prevent this problem. Having your slave master cylinder checked can be done by one of our trained auto mechanics. Click here – Simply fill in our online appointment form at our auto repair shop in Colorado Springs, if you need to have a clutch slave cylinder repair, or call us at (719) 630 7476.

How often do you grease drive-shaft u-joints?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck provides complete drive shaft and u-joint diagnosis and repair services at our Colorado Springs Colorado auto repair shop. Our trained drive shaft mechanics recommend your drive shaft and U-joints be inspected regularly for optimal performance of your vehicle.

Oil leakage from drive-shaft?
If the fluid level in your vehicle reservoir is more than 6mm below the top (or the full mark), have one of our trained auto mechanics inspect the whole system immediately for leaks. Leakages let air into the system, causing erratic pedal response. After the trouble has been located and put right, our Colorado Springs auto repair shop mechanic will bleed the clutch to expel air and replace it with clean, uncontaminated fluid.

Drive Shaft U-joints bad?
Trucks and SUVs commonly have drive shaft slip joints requiring lubrication. If you hear a squeaking when you accelerate from a stop, or driving, call us at (719) 630 7476. We’ll take care of you. See our Colorado Springs auto repair shop as bad U-joints can actually result in your drive shaft to separate from the vehicle.