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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Drivetrain Repair

Automotive Drivetrain Repair Service in Colorado Springs Driveshaft & Transfer Case Replacement and Repair

Automotive Drivetrain Repair Service in Colorado Springs

Driveshaft & Transfer Case Replacement and Repair

Trans Tech Auto & Truck is the transmission shop of choice in Colorado Springs for the diagnosis, service, and repair for your vehicle’s drivetrain – aka powertrain. The drivetrain specialists at our Colorado Springs transmission shop are expertly trained to keep your vehicle in top performing condition.

Our Drivetrain Repair services include the following:

  • CV Shafts and Boots
  • Transfer Case
  • Drive Shaft and U-Joints

Drivetrain Repair FAQ

Will Trans Tech Auto & Truck repair a rear-wheel drive shaft?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck will often repair drive shafts for our customers in the Colorado Springs area. A drive shaft can be straightened or if bent too badly the tube can be replaced. Our trained auto mechanics may also balance the drive shaft as well as replacing the U-joints.

Driveshaft vehicle vibrations
The driveshaft on front-wheel vehicles rotates at the speed of the wheels. A bent or damaged driveshaft can result in vehicle vibration. Driveshaft’s on rear-wheel vehicles the driveshaft will rotate two and a half to four times the speed of the wheels. Due to the relatively large size of the rear-wheel drive shafts and high speed, vibration is significantly increased. Trans Tech Auto & Truck tells our customers that we service in the Colorado Springs area that other considerations that many result in vibration can include tiny dents, worn universal-joints, and missing balance weights. When a technician at Trans Tech Auto & Truck has a customer indicate that vibration is experienced when accelerating or decelerating, the driveshaft is inspected as the most probable cause.

What does my CV Shafts and Boots do?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck has a wide range of services for cv shafts and boots. The CV Shaft and boots are part of the drivetrain. Our Colorado Springs auto repair shop’s drivetrain auto drivetrain mechanics suggest the cv boots should be inspected every time you get an oil change because they can become torn or cracked.

Can u change an outer cv boot without messing around with the drive shaft, wheel etc?
The tears and cracks in the cv boots can permit dirt into the joints requiring both boots and joints to be replaced.

Honda civic driveshaft boot – Is the CV joint clipped to the shaft? Making noises!
When hearing a clicking noise during turns, or perhaps a clunking noise, make an appointment at our automotive shop before the problem worsens, or call us at (719) 630 7476.

Where do I take my Subaru to have my drivetrain checked?
Our Colorado Springs auto repair shop is a great option for diagnosing, servicing, or repairing any car’s drivetrain system. The drivetrain is also referred to as the powertrain, and is the system responsible for generating power and motion – clearly a system you can’t afford to neglect. The drivetrain, or powertrain, is the very core of your vehicle, and includes the wheels, suspension, drive shaft, exhaust system, engine, and transmission. Naturally, if any of these components are not functioning properly or fail, then you will experience a variety of repair issues.

Drivetrain Noise – has anyone had this problem before?
Due to the drivetrain’s complexity and large number of components, it is a system that should not be ignored if you suspect issues. Allowing any drivetrain or powertrain issue to continue without professional servicing or repair is highly advised against, not only because it is unsafe but also because it will inevitably lead to additional damage to the drivetrain and potentially to other areas of the vehicle.

How can I tell if my drivetrain vibration is coming from my drive-shaft vs. my differential?
If you suspect that your car has drivetrain issues or other complications, we recommend taking your vehicle into our Colorado Springs shop as soon as possible. Our auto repair shop in Colorado Springs is one of your best places to have your drivetrain service and repaired.

My Ford truck drive shaft U-joints, are they both equal?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck provides complete drivetrain u-joint and drive shaft diagnosis and repair services at our Colorado Springs Colorado auto repair shop. Our trained drivetrain auto mechanics recommend your drive shaft and U-joints be inspected regularly for optimal performance of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs commonly have drive shaft slip joints requiring lubrication.

Drive shaft clicking noise in my Audi – Would it be the bearing or u-joint?
If you hear a squeaking when you accelerate from a stop or driving you should schedule an appointment at our Colorado Springs auto repair shop as bad U-joints can actually result in your drive shaft to separate from the vehicle.

What is my Subaru’s Transfer Case?
Trans Tech Auto & Truck is a leader in Colorado Springs Colorado for the diagnosis, service, and repair of the transfer case in both foreign, domestic and hybrid vehicles, specializing in great Subaru vehicles.

Does your transmission acts funny in reverse in a Ford 350?
Our drivetrain specialists recommend that you have your transfer case checked whenever you have an oil change to make sure it is lubricated correctly to avoid having it to be rebuilt. The majority of transfer cases require the change of fluid or oil regularly. schedule an appointment today at our Colorado Springs automotive shop and let one of our specialists inspect your transfer case today.