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$25.00 Off Initial Transmission / Engine Diagnosis**

trasmission engine diagnosis

$25.00 Off Initial Transmission / Engine Diagnosis**

Does your car have transmission problems? Does your vehicle have any of the following transmission symptoms?

Does the transmission grind or whine? (feels like there is grinding in my vehicle)

Is the check engine light on?

Is the overdrive light on?

Is the service engine light on?

Can you feel the transmission slipping? (feels like my vehicle “slips” at times)

Does your transmission make any unusual transmission sounds?

Does the transmission not shift smoothly?

Is the transmission jerking?

Is your vehicle sluggish or losing power?

Does your transmission leak?

Is it shifting erratically (feels like my vehicle has inconsistent shifting)

If any of the above symptoms fit your vehicle, you may be having transmission problems. Call us today. Our ASE-certified and ATRA-certified technicians will help you understand your vehicle’s symptoms.

Offer Details:
**Up to $25.00 Discount applies to diagnosis only. Cannot be combined with any other offer(s).