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Manual Transmission Repair Colorado Springs

manual transmission repair colorado springs

Colorado Springs Manual Transmission Repair and Replacement Services

What does the Transmission do?

The transmission ensures that your engine spins at an optimal rate while providing the wheels with the right amount of power needed to move and stop the car in any condition.  This is done with effective transmitting of power through a series of different sized gears that leverage the power to gear ratio.

With a manual transmission, it allows drivers to shift between gears manually while also regulating power and speed. Manual transmissions have a clutch, gears, collars, flywheel, gear selector fork, and shafts. The shaft supplies power from the engine to the transmission. A clutch connects and disconnects the shaft from the transmission. The stick shift controls the gear selector fork by choosing the gear. These gears and shafts are responsible for routing power from the engine to the transmission and to the drive wheels. Manual transmission fluid cleans and lubricates the internal gears, shafts, bearings, and other components. Transmission fluid also helps to regulate the internal temperatures of the transmission. A manual transmission service will ensure that your transmission fluid is clean and the rest of the components are in good operating order.


Manual transmission service is essential to keep your manual transmission in optimal condition. Transmission fluid naturally degrades over time, so replacing the fluid is important to keep gears and shafts moving smoothly. Sometimes leaks can occur in the transmission and a reseal may be needed. Or the clutch will slip or refuse to engage or disengage properly. Noises are also a big sign that something is not working correctly in your car or truck’s transmission. All manual transmission components require maintenance here and there. At some point in the life of your transmission, a fluid change will be required to keep your manual transmission operating efficiently. Read your owner’s manual for service intervals which will help in planning for a specific manual transmission service before a breakdown or malfunction occurs. Manual transmission repairs will help extend the life of the transmission and optimize the performance of your vehicle.

We proudly service the Manual Transmission Repair needs of customers throughout central and southern Colorado area including Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, Falcon, Security-Widefield, Black Forest, Fort Carson, Ellicott, Fountain and El Paso County.

Our technicians are certified and professionally trained to offer you the manual transmission service you expect and deserve – at competitive prices.  Trans Tech Auto & Truck is the leader in transmission repair in Colorado Springs for the maintenance, service, and diagnosis of manual transmissions.

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