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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Clutch Repair

Colorado Springs Clutch Service & Repair
For complete truck and auto clutch repair and services in Colorado Springs choose Trans Tech Auto & Truck. We understand that dealing with problems with your car’s clutch system isn’t fun. Problems like grinding, slipping, a loose clutch pedal, or difficulty shifting their car or truck while driving in the El Paso County Colorado Area.  Fortunately, Trans Tech Auto and Truck is considered to be one of the best clutch repair shops in the Colorado Springs area.

Our customers in Colorado Springs rely on us for our certified mechanics clutch repair and replacement expertise.  So if you are looking for clutch repair shops near me, then look no further than Trans Tech Auto and Truck in Colorado Springs.

The linkage in your clutch should be checked periodically to help you avoid early failure and to avoid expensive repair costs. Preventative clutch maintenance is key.

Our Clutches services include the following:

  • Diagnosing Clutch Problems
  • Repairing clutch problems the first time!
  • Drive Shaft and U-Joints
  • Clutch Kit Installation
  • Clutch Adjustment
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • Clutch Replacement and more

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Do I need a new clutch?

Unfortunately, you can’t determine you need a new clutch by a specific period of time or how many miles have been driven. The clutch only needs to be changed when there is a problem. If your vehicle is prone to frequent starts and stops you might be more likely to need clutch repair.

  • One of the first signs of the disc in a clutch wearing thin is a scratching sound when you are shifting gears. This usually means that the disc didn’t complete transferring power from the engine to the transmission.
  • Another sign that a clutch needs to be replaced is when the engine revs without any increase in speed.
  • If you aren’t feeling the usual smoothness when shifting gears or if it is hard to shift gears you may need clutch replacement.

We can perform an inspection to determine the amount of wear and tear on your clutch.


How does a clutch work?

What is a clutch?

The clutch connects the engine to the transmission. The clutch pedal is used to activate the clutch.

Are there special tools to install a clutch kit?

Yes. We provide clutch kit installation services in Colorado Springs.

Click here – Simply fill in our online appointment form at our auto repair shop in Colorado Springs, if you need to have a clutch slave cylinder repair, or call us at (719) 630 7476.