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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Differential Repair

Colorado Springs Differential Service & Repair

For the smoothest ride possible, you need a properly working differential system. The location of the differential depends on the drive type of the vehicle. The differential system is what gives power to the wheels and allows the wheels to turn at different speeds. When your car goes through a turn, each wheel travels a different distance. The differential allows the vehicle to complete turns easily. The differential fluid helps keep the system running smoothly and reduces the heat and resistance caused by moving parts.

Heat and friction cause the differential fluid to break down which prevents the differential from being lubricated properly.  This causes poor performance, noise, and additional wear and tear. Old fluid will eventually cause the differential to break down or cause differential failure. To replace an entire differential system is very costly and can be avoided with regular maintenance.

Our Differential Repair services include the following:

  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Differential Rebuild
  • Differential Fluid
  • Differential Parts

What is a limited-slip differential?
In a limited-slip differential system, the clutch or locking mechanism provides power to both wheels. This enables both wheels to turn at different speeds during turns, but they both pull when driving straight. This helps when one wheel may lose traction.

What causes a differential to fail?
The differential is no different than any other component in your car that it is subject to wear. The most frequent cause of a differential failing is when someone uses the wrong type of lubricant. Water can also cause a differential to fail if it enters through the vent or seals. When you drive in high water, it emulsifies the differential lubricant which results in rusting on gears and bearings. U-joints that have been seized can also cause differential failure.

Do you offer differential diagnoses?
If there is an issue with your differential, bring it to a differential repair shop in Colorado Springs and let one of our certified mechanics do a differential diagnosis to determine what the problem is and help you get your vehicle back on the roads in Colorado Springs.

What are some of the differential problems that can happen?

  • Water can dilute the lubricant.
  • The differential oil breaks down.
  • A bearing fails and causes a seal to leak or ring and pinion gear misalignment.

How do I know if there is a problem with my differential?
If there is grinding or whining when turning a corner, bring your vehicle to our Colorado Springs auto repair shop and let us do a differential diagnosis to avoid expensive car repairs.

For a differential rebuild appointment at our Colorado Springs auto repair shop call us at (719) 630 7476.