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Check Engine Light

What to do when your check engine light comes on? Electrical Diagnostics for your car in Colorado Springs

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Colorado Springs

What to do when your check engine light comes on?

Don’t just ignore it.  That little light can cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, but don’t fret.  It could be something as simple as an oxygen censor, faulty spark plugs or gas cap. There are several reasons your check engine light comes on.

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When your check engine light is on, it indicates that there may be something wrong with the vehicle’s engine. If you notice the check engine signal comes on, you should bring your vehicle into Trans Tech Auto & Truck’s transmission service repair shop to have it checked by one of our ASE Certified technicians to figure out what is causing the issue.  We have the most advanced diagnostic tools available to pull your engine’s error code and find the issue.

What causes my check engine light to turn on?

Here are some of the causes for a check engine signal to turn on.

  • Oxygen Sensor –  Your oxegen sensor may need to be replaced.  A bad oxygen sensor doesn’t regulate the air to fuel ratio in the engine.
  • Fuel Cap – You may need to tighten or replace the fuel cap.
  • Catalytic converter – Your catalytic converter may need to be replaced.  A sharp drop in gas mileage may also indicate your catalytic converter is having issues.
  • Ignition Coil (s) – Your ignition coils may need to be replaced. They send power to the spark plugs and make them ignite.
  • Spark Plugs – You may need to replace spark plugs or spark plug wires that ignite the air-fuel mix in your engine.
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor – You may need to replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor for fuel economy.  It regulates how much air goes into the engine.
  • Vacuum hose – EVAP System may have a faulty vacuum hose and need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve or EGR Valve – The EGR helps the car run well and controls emissions.
  • Battery – Your battery may need to be charged or replaced, you may have corrosive or loose wires.
  • Thermostat – Your engine may be overheating or having extreme temperature shifts which could cause engine damage.

If your check engine light is on, call Trans Tech Auto & Truck in Colorado Springs and Schedule an appointment Today!