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CVT Transmission Repair Colorado Springs

CVT Transmission Repair and Services in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs CVT Transmission Repair and Replacement (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Do you need CVT Transmission repair? A CVT is an automatic gearless transmission that gives you above-average fuel economy, simple efficient power delivery and you never feel the shift. But it takes a little bit to get used to and can cause your engine to drone during hard acceleration. This transmission is also be called a shiftless transmission, stepless transmission, or pulley transmission.

Unfortunately CVT Transmissions will not last as long as the typical automatic transmission. In fact, they usually last around 100K miles or less. But it requires a lower production cost and enables the engine to run at its most efficient speed for a different range of output speeds.

Common repairs for CVT Transmissions

Since the pulley is constantly fluctuating, the belts are subject to wear from constantly changing positions on the pulleys, and stretching of the belt can give them an early failure. They rely more on electrical sensors to determine speed rations. The electrical sensors can easily start malfunctioning with any kind of problem from the computer that helps control the transmission.

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