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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Transmission Repair

Colorado Springs Transmission Repair Services

For Transmission service and repair, maintenance or diagnostics of automatic and manual transmissions, choose the certified professionals at Trans Tech Auto & Truck.  We are the transmission experts with years of experience.

Our Transmission Services Include: transfer case, transmission rebuild, transmission replacement, adjustment, fluid and filter replacement, external diagnosis, performance, cooler, automatic transmission, manual transmission, a transmission reseal, computer diagnosis and 4-wheel drive transmission repair.

At Trans Tech Transmissions we offer technical competence, honesty and ethical practices. We perform transmission related repairs that exceed quality standards. The repairs we perform are expected to meet our customers concerns for workmanship and reliability and exceed customer service expectations to develop a strong network of satisfied customers.



When diagnosing any transmission problems we check fluids, examine the pan, perform a driving test, and inspect using a lift to examine your car’s transmission performance and routine operation.

Checking the Transmission Fluid 

The transmission fluid can indicate possible transmission damage and wear. Transmission fluid should be a clear red fluid. When there is discoloration or an odd odor in the transmission fluid, an internal inspection may be needed. We also check the level of transmission fluid.

Transmission Road Test

During a transmission road test, we look for slipping or rough shifting issues.

Transmission Pan Examination

By examining the transmission pan,  we look for excessive amounts of metal particulates and signs of internal wear and transmission damage.

Transmission Lift Inspection

  • Electronic Components
  • Fluid Retention
  • Neutral Switch
  • Manual Linkage
  • Modulator
  • Modulator Vacuum
  • Throttle Linkage
  • Transmission Mounts
  • U-Joints

If your performance inspection indicates that there is an internal problem present with your transmission, Trans Tech Auto & Truck suggests a further examination should be done with internal inspection of the transmission. This examination will consist of the removal of the vehicle’s transmission and disassembly so we can inspect the internal parts. In the internal inspection, all transmission parts are examined for wear or damage. When finished, one of our technicians will provide a report of the items that are in need of replacement or repair, along with an estimate.

Transmission Inspection Recommendations:

No problem with the transmission. No repairs or adjustments are required.

Preventive Transmission Maintenance Service. To prevent any transmission problems before they begin. We will provide Transmission fluid and filter replacement services if necessary.

External Repair or Adjustment. Any repair to the exterior of the transmission that does not involve the removing the transmission.

Transmission Reseal Service. This requires us to remove the transmission for replacement of leaking transmission seals. We perform this service after the transmission inspection. This is to repair leaking transmissions with out any other internal problems.

Internal Transmission Inspection Services. Our transmission experts will thoroughly evaluate the transmission’s internal components. We perform this service if the performance inspection shows an internal transmission problem. We will remove the transmission, disassemble and inspect ALL of the internal transmission parts for excessive wear. With your approval, our technician will replace only the necessary parts with parts meeting OEM specs to give your transmission the ability to obtain optimal operation. Finally, we will reinstall your transmission.

Once your vehicle undergoes the transmission performance inspection, your vehicle will be ready to hit the roads again.

Services my automatic transmission to prevent failure

The chances of various types of automatic transmission failure can be reduced when regularly serviced by a transmission specialists at Trans Tech Auto & Truck. Regular servicing can help prevent lubrication related problems as well as those resulting from debris or clogged filters.

Transmission Filter and Fluid Replacement Services

We recommend that our customers change their transmission fluid every 3 years or 36,000 miles. Our transmission technicians recommend that you bring your vehicle to our Colorado Springs auto repair shop once a year for a transmission fluid change.

If you you have an older vehicle or one that you use for hauling or towing heavy loads it may be required more frequently. In order to determine if a fluid change is needed, we recommend an external transmission diagnostic service. An external diagnostic service for a transmission includes checking the level and condition of your transmission fluid, a road test, and an external check of your transmission controls to keep your transmission performing well.