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Colorado Springs CO Automotive Suspension & Steering Repair

Colorado Springs Colorado Suspension & Steering Service & Repair

The steering and suspension in your vehicle is responsible for maintaining comfortable riding conditions and driving performance. It also helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle at all times. The suspension system helps to reduce the impact when you travel over rough terrain.

Shaky, off center, unsteady, or stiff steering, pulling to one side or wheel vibration are all indicators that you need steering repairs. If you experience excessive bouncing or swaying during bumps while driving or braking then you need to come in for a suspension system inspection.

Another potential sign of a suspension problem is uneven tire wear, although it could just be an alignment issue.

If you’ve hit a pothole or curb recently it can cause damage to steering and suspension components.

Keep you and your passengers safe, and let one of our experienced technicians provide a complete suspension system inspection.

Our Suspension & Steering services include the following:

  • 4×4 Suspension
  • Independent Rear Suspensions
  • High Performance Suspensions
  • Leaf Spring Suspensions
  • Suspension Install
  • Front End Suspension
  • Suspension Arms
  • Rear Suspensions
  • Suspension Springs
  • Suspension Struts
  • Suspension Replacement
  • Suspension Lift Kits
  • Suspension Bushings
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Power Steering
  • Off Road Suspension
  • Inner and Outer Tie Rods
  • Manual Steering
  • Suspension Ball Joints
  • Shocks or Shock Absorbers
  • Hub Units
  • CV Joints
  • Coil Springs
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Air Suspension

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