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$25 OFF Transmission Service**

transmission repair service in colorado springs


$25 OFF**

Transmission Fluid Maintenance Service

Save 25$ on Colorado Springs Transmission Repair or Rebuild Services.

Service may be with synthetic or non-synthetic transmission fluids.

Prevent transmission problems: regular scheduled transmission service is vital to the life of your transmission, and is an economical, easy and very practical way to avoid costly transmission repairs in the future. The internal parts of a transmission heat up to about 175 degrees during normal use. Under heavier loads, such as repeated shifting, hauling a load or climbing hills the temperature can go to 225 or 250 degrees very quickly. At these higher temperatures the fluid will break down rapidly and the transmission will develop internal slippage. Transmission internal parts wear. The worn off material becomes suspended in hot fluid and is carried throughout the transmission before becoming trapped in the filter. The hot transmission fluid coats the internal parts of the transmission, and when it cools will leave a varnish like coating on surfaces. The combination of accumulate dirt and varnish increases the wear on the moving parts inside the transmission and restricts the fluids ability to flow and pressurize the gear packs as needed. We recommend routine transmission service every 15,000 – 20,000 miles. Cannot be combined with any other offer(s).

Offer Details:
**Up to $25.00. Discount applies to labor portion of invoice only. Cannot be combined with any other offer(s).