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Check Engine Light

What to do when your check engine light comes on? Electrical Diagnostics for your car in Colorado Springs

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Colorado Springs

What to do when your check engine light comes on?

Don’t just ignore it.  That little light can cause a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, but don’t fret.  It could be something as simple as an oxygen censor, faulty spark plugs or gas cap.

Trans Tech Auto & Truck understands that nothing can be more annoying than when driving around the roads of the greater Colorado Springs area only to look down and see the dreaded “check engine light” on the vehicle’s dashboard. When lit, the check engine signal is indicating that there may be something wrong with the tuning of the vehicle’s engine, but it is still a long way from an accurate diagnosis. There are numerous triggers that could result in the check engine light turning on, and each trigger may be due to any number of different needed repairs. Trans Tech Auto & Truck tells our customers in the Colorado Springs area that after noticing the presence of the check engine light, it is best to have one of our highly trained ASE Certified technicians isolate what is causing the problem. The technicians at Trans Tech Auto & Truck in Colorado Springs are considered by many to be the most qualified in the industry and use only the most advanced diagnostic tools available to locate and correct the problem.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area and have a car or truck with an actively lit check engine signal, Trans Tech Auto & Truck offers an inspection at our Colorado Springs area auto repair facility by team of automotive specialists. We invite you schedule an appointment as quickly as possible to avoid a potentially more serious maintenance issue.

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